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The Top Jaguar Cars For Successful Women

Women are out earning men every day in the United States; many of us have high powered jobs and are easily pull in six figure salaries. As a matter of fact, more women are currently attending college in the States than men are. Some people may think that most females prefer cars that are kid-friendly, safe and affordable. However, I beg to differ! As a woman, I prefer cars that stress performance, looks and above all status. However, keep in mind that I am an independent woman; I earn my own money and then some. Here are my top picks of cars for women who are successful, powerful, wealthy and have got it going on in every way.

The Luxurious and Sophisticated Jaguar XJ

There sure are many expensive luxury sedans around such as the S-class from Mercedes or the 7-series BMW but one that really stands out from the crowd is the newly redesigned Jaguar XJ from 2010. Many luxury cars can be a bit stiff but the XJ is bold, daring and super sleek. One innovative aspect about the XJ is that it's made out of aluminum and as a result it weighs less than small cars such as the Mini Cooper. The engine is powerful; it's an eight cylinder with 385 HP which can be upgraded to a supercharged version with an intense 510 hp. Three trim levels are available, the base, Supercharged and Supersport. A really nifty feature is the rotary gear selector, which rises up from its mounted position once you start the engine. Pricing for the XJ is at the mid $71k range. This car would be a great match for a strong, independent and successful woman who appreciates luxury and driving a powerful car with a great amount of horsepower.

The Sporty and Engaging XK Jaguar

For women who prefer their car a bit sportier than the comfort oriented XJ Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, Jaguar's XK would be an excellent choice. Consumers get to pick from two body styles; convertible or coupe. This car competes against formidable vehicles like the SL from Mercedes Benz and the Porsche 911. It's powered by an eight cylinder 5.0 Liter engine with 385 hp. The XK is one fast ride and propels from zero to sixty in just 5.2 seconds. Handling is exceptional and it handles roads and tight corners exceedingly well. The interior is modern and elegant. Buyers can opt for aluminum trim instead of traditional wood Autel MaxiTPMS PAD. The radio and temperature settings are controlled by a LCD touch screen. Pricing for the Jaguar XK starts at around the $75k range.

The XK is more athletic and suited for the woman who wants a sportier drive while the XJ is more of a cruiser and geared towards comfort. Either way, both of these cars would be a solid choice for a woman who demands the best from her cars.

A lot of people are under the false illusion that females prefer efficient or more affordable cars or that we are "afraid" of cars with a lot of horsepower is a very serious misconception and the auto industry better take heed. In 2011, many of us are independently wealthy, successful and don't need to rely on a man for anything. We don't want to drive a small economy car or a mundane mini-van; we have worked hard and want to taste the fruits of our hard labor. We also like high performance oriented exotic cars that announce to the world that we have finally made it.

Written by Jacqueline Star. If you are looking for Jaguar cars in Los Angeles, visit San Fernando Valley Jaguar. For excellent deals on new Jaguars visit Jaguar Los Angeles and for used cars check out Used Cars Los Angeles
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