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Tips For Getting A Great Deal On A Used Automobile

You can get an excellent deal on a used car with a lot of life left in it if you're willing to put some effort into the search process and take a few precautions along the way. One of the main keys to getting an excellent deal on a used car is to buy from a party more interested in getting rid of or replacing the used car than interested in making a profit off it. Most of the time getting an excellent deal on a used car means not buying from a used car dealer, except when the dealer has had a particular car on the lot for a very long time.

Tip #1: Consider Used Cars From Rental Agencies

A lot of people recommend not buying a used car from rental agencies. They believe people who rent cars treat them poorly. But, that may not be good advice. While renters have been known to treat rental cars poorly, it does not happen often. Further, rental agency used cars' engines are usually maintained better than privately owned cars as they are put through constant maintenance during use.

Tip #2: Look Online For Used Cars

The used cars that you see advertised in the newspaper are a small sample of the number of used cars available throughout the U.S. This is mainly due to geographical limitations. Newspapers and other periodicals with classified ads serve a market within limited geography. Search for used cars online at sites such as UsedCars.com and CarsDirect.com. You will likely find a better deal on a great used car since you have many more from which to choose.

Tip #3: Get A Vehicle History Report

If you are buying a used car, you must get a history report on that vehicle. If you fail to get the history, you could be buying a car that has any number of serious issues that could come back to haunt you. When you have found a likely candidate for purchase, get the car's VIN number and visit Experian.com. They get most of their data about used vehicles from dealers and repair shops. This is the only way to find out if a car has been in a major accident, sustained irreparable damage due to flooding, frame damage, leaks, etc.

Tip #4: Consider Buying From A Private Party

Many people buy used cars from car dealers Autel MaxiTPMS PAD. But, there are many great deals waiting in the driveways of private sellers. Often, you can get a better deal by buying a used car from a private party than a dealer because there is no middleman involved in the transaction. When you find a used car from a private seller, get the VIN number and run a car title search through Experian OBD Tool.com. That way, you will know the history of the car, its true value and any room you may have to negotiate.

Buying a used car is fraught with many pitfalls. However, if you know what you are doing, you can easily find incredible deals on used cars. Information is power when buying a used car. If you know how to navigate the murky waters of the used car marketplace, you will have an advantage over most people you meet. There is a lot more helpful information about buying a used car available at the website in the resource box below.

Terry Bolton is an internet publisher of automotive stuff. Read his useful and popular articles at
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